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Meteor-Falls’ Kanto Week Giveaway!

I’m doing a little giveaway to celebrate my upcoming Kanto Week. Sorry but this is for US residents only!
What you’ll win:

  • "Helix Fossil" from my Etsy store (a real ammonite fossil!)
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  • FireRed 16GB flash drive I made (it was a bootleg cartridge shh)
  • Stack of cards of Gen 1 Pokemon
  • Raichu pin
  • a couple stickers
  • McDonald’s Pikachu figure from June 2012
  • a few more random things

All you have to do to enter is reblog this post one time. No giveaway blogs. Likes won’t count, sorry. Also be willing to give me your address. I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday August 13. You’ll have to reply to me before Thursday or I will move onto the next person. Okay have fun!

Posed pawns are we,

Forever awaiting the next turn

Mastered by the hand we cannot see.

Slick machines are we,

Always turning, gear by gear

Year by year, switched on through birth

And liberated not even in death.

Faceless mass are we,

Eternally lost to the fathoms

That we stopped questioning;

cursed to be forsaken, without direction

Without purpose,

Without dignity,

Without hope.

Toy soldiers are we,

Fooling ourselves,

Fighting ourselves,

Killing ourselves.

Lost, so lost are we.



Underneath my glass skin & inside my paper bones

beats my heart; pumping corrosive doubt

into my unraveling kite-string veins,

sinking my limbs

and melting my (plastic) smile.

(I am forgetting)

I paint over the scars,

charred remains & porcelain fingertips

With pills;

a chemical concoction, the elixir

meant to tame the circus of chaos (demonic Cirque du Soleil)

Hiding within my eyes.

Yet this alchemist’s potion,

with its charming (poison) cure

remedies only one malady (my solace):

the stars under my eyelids

Fade; they die & the canvas is left

black eternity –

(forever) blank.

(Who am I?)

The glass shatters,

infinite shards shredding the paper

& sliding into the crevices

Of my palms, my lips, my ribs

slicing the words above my tongue;

the ink spilling from my fingers –

a waterfall snaking through my throat (choking what’s not there).

Naught but a stain (call it my face):

the crimson fairy’s hand

etched into the lines under my (drained) eyes.

(Who am I)


I wander aimlessly;

found amongst the lost –

I wonder just as well, my

Undone thoughts dripping from my (frayed) veins:

Drown, drown, drown

(no lifeboats here)

I am blind, the plagued stars hollow (empty gasses);

shells of past beauty, the

Vitality but a black hole (scars bruised open)

that I feel in every horrific, hideous


(Who am)

My arteries flow acid

burning the torn paper

Into ashes (beautiful, beautiful);

the (man-made) molten grin I bear

rolling over, running down

my (perfect, oh so perfect) chemical body –

dancing with star dust

Flung from the tight rope, (don’t fall)

the golden nectar purging my

Mind of its terrible monsters:

dragons who breathe light (life) into the stars.

The slivers of glass rip (ravage) the

blank canvas, (stripped to bare abyss)

leaving only these

macabre (plastic) paintings, which

Are no art at all, merely

cruel parodies of the ethereal

(for the artist is a devil.)



Laughing eyes stole me;

without a compass I walked

the worn path within them,

twisting and winding

but all the while still smiling.

Soon I forgot

how to miss my home and

 to remember its face.

I came upon a ruined hollow;

it became my only memory

my thoughts drowned in laughter

that slowly caught ablaze:

Grinning flames beckoned

with choking kisses from sundered lips

and sensuous secrets from ashen tongues.

Lying fingertips broke me;

snapping away skin

never meant to be touched.

They worm through my star-lit veins,

snaking into my naked heart and

boring straight into its glitter-struck drumbeat.

Soon I forgot

how it felt to

Cry over lost love;

Weep for lost life,

Sob for ever-smirking tragedy.

How quaint it must be,

how very curious

to meet ecstasy unquenched

with sorrow unending.

Lustful lips burned me;

sneaking under the doorway

Of charred eye sockets and

frozen spiral embraces.

Blackened nails ravenously scrape

rosy flesh into crystalline bone,

twisting and winding

but all the while still smiling.

Soon I forgot

how to breathe.


There’s just something so comforting about starting yet another game on red/blue. I know it like the back of my hand, but there are still pokemon I haven’t used on a team, new combinations, new ways to play (nuzlocke, etc)…it never gets old! Plus there are so many glitches to tinker with.

I have always preferred the old sprites, too. The new 3D ones are awesome and all, but nothing gets to me like the good old days. Oh, nostalgia.